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This Has Been a Lifelong Dream...

… and it’s finally come true. I’ve written and published a book and I hope you’ll consider reading it.

“A Perennial Life — Finding Purpose in Every Season”

I’m not the girl I used to be. In this book, I share openly about my sometimes tumultuous childhood, a life-threatening eating disorder, and how I discovered forgiveness, faith, healing, and hope. And yes, there’s some humor sprinkled in between, too.

By sharing my story, I believe others will find hope and purpose in their own.

I’d be honored and humbled if you purchased a copy in paperback or Kindle.

If you prefer to read a free excerpt first, one is available on Amazon at the link below where, if you choose, you also can leave a review once you’ve read the book — it would be so appreciated.

Get it here: Available in paperback and Kindle – plus, read a free excerpt.

Want to watch a video of my reaction when I open the shipment of books for the first time? I’ve shared that on my Facebook page here.

And a huge thank you to everyone who helped with this project. If I know you, it means you've been a part of my story and, therefore, have played a role in making this dream a reality. Thank you.

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