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I have a love for people, their Creator, and Creation, and it's what fuels my zest for life. My personal journey from desperation to hope stirs in me a longing to convince others of their worth, dignity, and purpose through the written word, inspiring talks, and even the occasional educational nature seminar or garden party.

About Me: About Me


Stories matter. Since I was a small child, I've taken my vivid imagination and turned those ideas into stories. I can recall coming up with new lyrics to melodies at the age of five, and writing short stories before the age of 10.

Like many, my childhood was peppered with painful struggles and, in my young adult life, I battled a life-threatening eating disorder that almost ruined me, my marriage, and my faith.

After a long journey of healing, I found solace in composing heart-gripping stories, songs, and anecdotal life lessons that offer hope, healing, and a bit of humor to others who are on their own paths toward healing. I like to think I have a knack for finding meaning and significance in the everyday situations of life, especially through nature.

Perhaps that's because I have an insatiable appetite for gardening. It borders on obsession, really, and I enjoy sharing horticultural wisdom as I stroll through my yard with friends, (but you’ll have a hard time getting me to share my hostas). Seriously, I have a problem... and the only cure is more hostas.

I'm deeply in love with my husband, Paul, and as we approach 30 years of marriage, we've fallen into a delightful yet unassuming routine of exploring the deep north woods, going for drives along country roads, and taking long Sunday afternoon naps — not necessarily in that order.

In my former life, I performed original music throughout my home state of Wisconsin, but you'll still find me humming tunes while pulling weeds. Professionally, I've helped others write and tell their own stories through various articles, books, and blogs. A couple years ago, I finally decided it was my turn, and completed my first book, A Perennial Life — Finding Purpose in Every Season.

In it, I invite you to newly discover who you are and, more importantly, who God truly is so you can let go of past regrets and experience the abundant life you’re meant to live. You'll read about true stories from childhood on, hopefully have an occasional chuckle, hear my deepest, raw confessions, and learn about life’s deepest longings — I think you'll relate no matter what your personal history entails.

My hope is that you'll be able to embrace and redeem your own story — your seasons of life — so you can transform, grow, and unveil the significant purpose your heart longs for.

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*Faith-based and non-faith-based talks are available to accommodate your special needs.

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“Beautiful. This book is beautiful. Tammy has a way of making you laugh hysterically and wipe away tears all in the same chapter.” — Tara

“Her darkest secrets, hard truths, honest struggles, and ugliest sins are beautifully woven alongside surrender, pure love, freedom, grace, forgiveness and redemption.” — Rachel

“An extraordinary story of a life full of trials and tribulations that are easy for many of us to identify with... woven with tales of a strong yet struggling faith.” — Elizabeth

"Often in the church, women are encouraged to get brutally honest about past problems and hurts. But it's easy to get stuck at that point, and thereafter to identify as a victim or forever "in recovery." Tammy offers a better way." — Scott

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