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Here's a bit of what I've done and what I'm working on.



A Memoir

My first book... Do you dream of a day when you can silence the toxic voices that play over and over in your mind, convincing you that you're a failure and that things will never change? I used to believe that, along with a lot of other junk. This is a story of the journey that brought me to freedom. Read a free excerpt and reviews, and maybe even leave one of your own.


Yet-to-be Named Novel

I’ve been working on a new release for quite some time now, and can’t wait for you to read it. But you'll have to since I'm not finished yet. It's a novel based on a true story... my mother's life — that's her in the photo. She lived a fascinating life growing up in Nazi Germany and coming of age during World War II. Still a ways to go, but hope to make an announcement soon.


Album "Hear Me Now"

Yep, I used to write original music and do concerts, too. Listen to samples of songs or purchase them through iTunes. Rumor has it I'm on Spotify, too. And, with enough convincing, I might be coerced into another gig. This album was a collaboration with my good friend and guitarist, Scott Wilson. I had some pretty major rockstar hair back then.



Album "Doubter's Prayer"

An older release that features original lyrics and melodies. I had a group of amazing musicians and friends record this one with me. Apparently I didn't have rockstar hair, so we just used a picture of some kid's feet for the album cover.

My Work: Recent Books
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