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As seen on ABC...

Waltraud's incredible story was featured on WBAY-TV2, an ABC affiliate based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. View the moving and poignant segment as part of their Small Towns feature by clicking below.


A True Story of Growing Up in Nazi Germany

If you love rich, historical fiction, you'll love this story, only this story is true, based on my mother's life. This unforgettable novel—named after my mother—takes you through a journey of love, loss, strength, and resistance during one of the darkest chapters in modern history.

She's not like the other German girls. In a time when defying the Nazis means certain death, young Waltraud follows her heart and risks it all.

Germany 1937. Waltraud’s life in her small village is heartwarmingly simple yet fraught with uncertainty as Nazi ideologies grow ever more radical. Then, war. Her beloved father is forced into Hitler's army and she must cope with the battles raging on her homeland’s soil and in her heart as her family is torn apart.

Bombings, hunger, and gut-wrenching horrors bring Waltraud to the edge of defeat. But she persists, daringly resisting the Nazis by keeping a treasonous secret. Heartache and family strife remain when the bombs stop falling, but a young man with a dark past holds the promise of a better future. To secure it, she must cross forbidden borders. Can Waltraud leave her haunting past behind and take hold of the life she’s dreamed of, or will she lose everything trying?

Paperback $14.99  |  Kindle eBook $5.99

Kindle Unlimited Subscribers $Free

Retail Outlets:

  • The Bookstore — Downtown Appleton, WI

  • Cedar Ridge Gifts — Neenah, WI

  • Familiar Grounds — New London, WI

  • Events Everlasting — New London, WI

  • Beans & Books Coffee House — Shawano, WI

  • Book Cellar — Waupaca, WI

  • Koinonia Makers Market — Waupaca, WI

  • Barnes & Noble — Appleton and Green Bay, WI




Finding Purpose in Every Season

My first book released in 2016... A faith-based memoir. Do you dream of a day when you can silence the toxic voices that play over and over in your mind, convincing you that you're a failure and that things will never change? I used to believe that, along with a lot of other junk. This is a story of the journey that brought me to freedom. Read a free excerpt and reviews, and maybe even leave one of your own.

Paperback $9.99  |  Kindle eBook $5.99

Kindle Unlimited Subscribers $Free

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