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Press Release: New Novel by Wisconsin Author


FOX CITIES, WI | July 22, 2023 — Wisconsin author Tammy Borden has released a novel based on her mother’s true accounts of one of the darkest chapters in human history: Waltraud — A True Story of Growing Up in Nazi Germany.

The narrative non-fiction novel shares the often untold perspective of a German girl who struggles to come to grips with the oppressive Nazi regime and the horrors of war. Yet Waltraud finds the strength to persevere and resist the Nazis in big and small ways — ways that could have her and others sentenced to death. In-depth research combined with vivid memories from the author’s mother make this compelling novel both historically accurate and incredibly moving, spanning from 1937 to post-war Germany. Grow up with Waltraud as she transitions from the innocence of childhood into the harsh realities of war and beyond.

As a first generation American, the author grew up hearing stories from her mother about coming of age during World War II. “Through the years, I documented and recorded her extraordinary life experiences, often without her knowledge,” said Borden. “I also took several trips to Germany with her to walk the cobblestone streets where she shared stories in their actual settings. To finally share them with others is a true labor of love. I only wish she were still here to see it.”

Waltraud — A True Story of Growing Up in Nazi Germany is available in paperback and Kindle eBook formats through Amazon. It currently ranks as the #1 New Release in Historical German Biographies. The book will also be available at a limited number of retail locations in the Fox Cities area.

For media inquiries, author interviews, book readings, and book signing opportunities, please contact Tammy Borden.

“A must-read for those who want to feel as though they’re “right there” during this period of world history.” — Amazon Review


Tammy Borden is a professional copywriter turned novelist, compelled to document the unforgettable story of her mother’s life growing up in Nazi Germany. She is a life-long Wisconsin resident, residing in New London, WI, along with her husband.

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