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Look Past the "Old"

A lot of tears have been shed these past couple weeks as I've gotten messages of encouragement over my dear Mutti's story. It’s nice to have people “get to know her” as a young girl and young woman, especially for those who only knew her as an “old” person.

Remember, the next time you speak with someone “old,” there is a lifetime of experiences and incredible stories that are just waiting to be told… Ask the questions.

I'm glad that you've been able to see the vibrant and incredible young woman she was early on... and how she carried that spunk and grit throughout her life... while most never knew the haunting things she saw or had to go through just to survive the horrors of war. But she didn't let it break her. She was so incredibly strong.

It’s been a blessing and thrill reading people’s comments, texts, messages, and reviews, yet it's brought up a lot of sadness at the same time, missing her more and grieving her loss in a different way. A good way. But a really, really hard way, because she's not here to hear or see them.

This is a photo of my Mutti at age 16 in the height of World War II. I had it enhanced and colorized and feel like it's "come to life." There's a story in the book that tells about why the original photo was taken, and the look in her eyes depicts the deep longing and love behind the story.

I know many of you may grow tired of me "pushing" the book, but I won't apologize for shouting about it from the rooftops if it means one more person gets to know her. I want others to know just how extraordinary she was, about her strength and resilience, and about where that strength came from.

So, again, I ask, please continue to share about the book. These and other stories like hers can't be forgotten.

Waltraud — A True Story of Growing Up in Nazi Germany is available on Amazon.

To purchase the book, read a sample, browse reviews, or leave one of your own, please click below.

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