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Finding Baby Jesus — A Christmas Poem

I've had some time on my hands to do some pretty major cleaning around the house, including going through old photos, birthday cards, computer files, and papers.

I had forgotten about this little poem tucked away on a random sheet of notepad. When I came across it, I envisioned myself 20 years younger as I sat in a different house, on a different chair, during a different time, writing the words.

That's about how old it is. So much has changed, but the meaning behind the words hasn't. They still echo true today. Finding little treasures like this has made my chore of cleaning a little more enjoyable, and I thought I'd share it with you in hopes that you enjoy it, too.

Finding Baby Jesus

I heard the news a king was born

Among the lambs one cold still morn

I ran to see the bed of hay

Where my sweet baby Jesus lay

I heard he was the perfect child

The Father’s son both meek and mild

My wish was this, to sing my song

But when I came the babe was gone

I asked a man where Jesus was

He could not answer me because

He did not know him personally

I could not see how that could be

I asked a merchant down the street

If he by chance, did Jesus meet

He said he had some time ago

He’d since forgot and so said no

Then someone said I know him well

I could not wait for her to tell

She said just simply take a look

Inside the worn and tattered book

I hardly could believe my eyes

My Jesus was my sacrifice

But then she said no tears should fall

For Jesus rose to save us all

I asked her then, where is my king?

For I still have my song to sing

I’ve searched for him both day and night

Since I first saw that one star bright

She said I’m sure he’ll come today

Bow down your head and start to pray

And when I did on bended knee

I found Jesus inside of me

As we approach this Christmas season, I hope you'll take time to seek him. And may you find Him seated on the throne of your heart.

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