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I’ve always been passionate about storytelling. My latest project is truly from the heart, a novel sharing my mother's true story of growing up in Germany during an unimaginable time in history during World War II. Named after her, Waltraud — A True Story of Growing Up in Nazi Germany, will show you just how resilient the human spirit can be.


My first book shares my personal journey from desperation to hope, and stirs my longing to convince others of their worth, dignity, and purpose through the written word. I am also an inspirational speaker, even sharing the occasional educational nature seminar or garden party.



A True Story of Growing Up in Nazi Germany

She's not like the other German girls. In a time when defying the Nazis means certain death, she follows her heart and risks it all. A WW2 novel based on true events, this unforgettable story takes you through a journey of love, loss, strength, and resistance during an unimaginable time in history. If you enjoy rich historical fiction based on true stories, you'll love my mom's.

Click below to learn more, read reviews, and purchase a copy.



Finding Purpose in Every Season

My first book... a memoir. Read an excerpt on Amazon, browse some humbling reviews, and maybe even leave one of your own.

"Nature proved more powerful than war."

Tammy Borden

Laptop & Coffee


Need a speaker for your next event? Want me to share at your book club? Simply want to ask questions or share your thoughts? Grab a cup of coffee and let's talk.

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Read my random musings and profundities. And maybe even have a few "aha" moments as you ponder the simple things in life. My latest thoughts can be seen below, or click the button to read past insights.

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